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Making Wooden Knobs

Here's how I make wooden knobs for jigs and fixtures. There's also a segment on installing threaded inserts and pronged t-nuts. Here's a link to a video about ...


How To Make Star Knobs With The Knob Jig

Details on the jig in the build article: Handy to have a bunch of these types of knobs around ...


Making a Wooden Knob

Michael Laffin

While working on building a bandsaw from Matthias Wandel's plans, I found that I needed to build a small knob to use for the blade guide adjustment. I decided ...


Make Amazing DIY Star Knobs (free template pattern available)


In this video I show how I made a few of these Amazing DIY Star Knobs for an upcoming project. I made the star knobs using 3/4" shop birch scraps and a piece ...


How to Make Knobs for Shop Jigs, for Newbies!

Detailed, step-by-step instructions. Why spend money to buy knobs for shop jigs? This is how I make my own knobs. I show you 5 different knob shapes, and a ...


Making Jig Knobs


On this week's show, I demonstrate a very simplified version of how to make your own jig knobs in the shop. I hope you enjoy the show. Don't forget to like and ...


Making Wooden Star Knobs

Brian Weekley

Making some simple wooden knobs for shop jigs and accessories. These were made from baltic birch, but hardwood would work nice too!


Making easy grip wooden knobs

Jack Houweling

Simple way to make wooden knobs that look and feel good.


Making knobs and handles without a lathe

In this video I'm making a handle for a bowsaw, without a lathe and with hand tools only. A little time consuming but very possible. Like and subscribe if you like ...


Make Wooden Door Pulls, Scrap Bin Challenge 2016

Jon Peters

Jon Peters Art Gallery: Facebook: Website: ...


How to Turn Pulls Without a Lathe


Learn how to create custom door and drawer pulls using your drill press.


Making Knobs With The Knob Jig / Wooden Knobs Device 4 in 1

Wood Products

Please register for my channel! Wooden Knobs! Device 4 in 1 for the manufacture of four different knobs... Деревянные ручки! Устройство 4 в 1 для изготовлен ...


Hand woodturning Drawer Knobs- 2 different metods


This video shows two of the many methods of turning drawer knobs, one with a chuck and one between centres. The first knob is a copy to repair a chest of ...


Don't Be A Knob! Make A Knob!

Wes Hamstra

Thanks for watching guys/gals! This week I made a super easy DIY knob for the stop block on my mitre saw station. It only took me 1/2 hour to make. Would have ...


Cloning Vintage Knobs

Wesley Treat

Using black casting resin, I replicated a vintage knob to replace a missing one for a recent gadget purchase. And while I was at it, I made a mold of some other ...


Star Knobs - Homemade

Ronald Walters

How To Video showing one example of a homemade star knob. Easy construction applicable to any size needed for the home workshop.


Simple wooden knobs | How-to

ZH Fabrications

These little knobs have proven themselves quite useful, I feel like I can't build a jig without them--fortunately they are quite simple to make. Tools & products ...


Making Wooden Knobs the easy way

Marcello Bianchi

Making Wooden Knobs The easy way, I've made some wooden knobs using plywood and coach bolts, I have used a drill press primarily and a table mounted ...


5 Star knob

Rudy Torres

Just making a Five Star 1/4-20 wood knob from scrap. I use these all over the shop. They're easy to make.


how to make awesome wood knobs in about 5 minutes

tim sway

i needed control knobs on the globe amp,( so i made them like this. it was so easy and gratifying, i made a separate instructional ...