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Marking Gauge and Beam Compass 2-in-1

A 2-in-1 Marking Gauge and Beam Compass recycling an old Plotter Blade Holder and a few scrap wood. Here you can download the plans for free: ...


The Marking Gauge, Sanding Block And Beam Compass

Sanding block video: Marking guage video: Beam compass video: Jeff ...


Marking Gauge and Compass - Two in One - Graminho

From The Wood

Marking gauge with two functions. Wood made. Graminho em madeira.


Making A Beam Compass

Thomas Workshop


Marking Gauge Beam Compass - Hand Tool Modification

Savvas Papasavva

Marking Gauge Beam Compass - Hand Tool Modification: Instagram: ...


Shop built - beam compass (trammel points)


A beam compass or trammel points has been on the list of woodworking projects to get done for a long time. I made mine from threaded rod and some hardwood ...


Beam Compass diy (TUTOTIAL)

Bart Kerswell

The is my DIY version of a Beam Compass. Made from scrap hardwood and 8mm stainless steel rod. Easy to may and look ace too. Please subscribe, comment ...


Make A Beam Compass || Homemade Compass Tool..

Mistry MakeTool

In This Video I Will Make A Trammel Points / Beam Compass. If You Like This Video Then Click On Like And Also Subscribe My Channel For More New Videos.


Tammel /Compass

How to make a Trammel For drawing circles or arches. ** Build article and plans available : ...


Making John Heisz' beam compass

Rick McQuay

Old video that I wasn't going to publish since I'm just remaking John Heisz' beam compass but I haven't released a video in awhile so why not. Made from ...


How to make a beam compass

How to make a beam compass from a wooden rod and a wooden block. This is a simple way to make a beam compass that will come in handy when we need to ...


Comparing beam compasses

In John Heisz's shop, comparing my beam compass to John Heisz's beam compass. My beam compass: John's ...


Homemade Beam Compass

Jeff Ferguson

Create your own beam compass with minimal time and effort. Original idea from John Heisz / ...


Marking Gauge and Beam Compass


This is my contribution to the Wood by Wright handtool build-off 2018.


Make a Multi-purpose tool - 4 in 1

Daniel Solowiej

Here, a marking and routing system concept. I made with hand tools, this multipurpose tool, with the abilities to act as a router, a marking gauge, a scratch stock ...


How To Make A Beam Compass

Mark Susak

This week I'm making a beam compass to help me draw some circles for a circle coffee table and my dust collection.


How To Make An Extra Large Compass - Quick and Easy

Make Build Modify

How I Make An Extra Large Compass This is a quick and easy way to make a drawing compass that will hold many different types of markers and pens.

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Beam Compass

Eric Helm


Make a marking gauge

Michal Kadlec

Hi, in my new DIY episode I decided to make a solid steel marking gauges for my metal working projects. Unfortunatelly I do not have a lathe, so I decided for ...


How to make a Marking Gauge

Jeff Baker

Here's a simple marking gauge to help you with your project layout. Its more accurate than a pencil line, and easy to make. If you enjoyed this video, please give ...