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Metal Casting an aluminum wheel


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Casting Aluminum Wheels | Old Timey Casters

Brian Oltrogge

I thought I'd try my hand at casting some old timey wheels in aluminum. These were originally intended for a cart that would carry my foundry furnace (they still ...


Melting Aluminum Rims

Darrin Scott

Aluminum Rims Melting.


LPM-Group - Low Pressure Casting Aluminum Car Wheels Demo Video


From 2001! A video I found buried with stuff from my old office. This must have been a demo or sample video provided by the Italian company LPM-Group. This is ...


Metal Casting at Home part 60 Spoked wheel Castings


Moulding these wheels is a little tricky and care has to be taken to remove the pattern without damaging it. I used some wood screw to reinforce the sand ...


Metal Casting at Home Part 61 Cutting Alloy Wheels for Casting


I have tried several methods of cutting up wheels for melting and the method show I have found works best. Special thin aluminium cutting discs in an angle ...


How It's Made - Alloy Wheels

Panos Egglezos

Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made Alloy Wheels episode. All copyrights go to their respective owners.


Casting Aluminium Roundstock From Free Scrap


In this video I am showing you how to cast solid high quality aluminium roundstock for free from scrap metal. This method may work with other metals too so you ...


Amazing Cast Aluminum Process Using Sand Mold, Fast Melting Metal Casting Technology Working

LA Machines

Amazing Cast Aluminum Process Using Sand Mold, Fast Melting Metal Casting Technology Working....


STEEL Vs. ALLOY WHEELS Which One Is Stronger? Hydraulic Press Test!

STEEL vs ALLOY rims / wheels which one is stronger? We but both wheels in to our 150 ton press and crush them to find out! Don't try this at home! Link to LED ...


Pouring Bicycle Bullion - Rims To Riches - Melting Aluminium Rims - TRASH TO TREASURE

bigstackD Casting

Today i decided to melt all my bike rims into awesome bullion bars. I release a new video every Friday so dont forget to hit the bell. CHECK OUT MY OTHER ...


Casting Aluminum Sprocket

Let's Make it

Hey guys! Today I wanted to try and see just how difficult it is to cast your own rear sprocket Let us know if you have other good ideas for casting !


Metal Casting at Home Part 10 Another Day in my Home Foundry


How to make a casting from making the sand mould to the finished item. The video has been edited to fit the 10 minute time limit of You tube. It takes much ...


Quick and dirty aluminum wheel restore


putting some shine on a set of neglected mag wheels for my car trailer project.


Homemade Pulley Made From Beer Cans - Melting Aluminium #3

Donn DIY

Melting and casting a pulley from beer cans in the mini metal foundry into a bucket. #eestiyoutuber #donndiy #meltingaluminium.


How To Cast Aluminum into Wood // Molten Aluminum Lake Table


I poured MOLTEN aluminum into a live edge slab with Johnny from Crafted Workshop and Mike from Modern Builds. In this video I do some tests to see what ...


DIY Aluminum Casting: Custom Rim Center Caps P3 - MSFN

Casting and Machining Custom Aluminum Center Caps In a Multi-Part Series, This is Part Three. In This Video I Will Be Fully Machining The Four Castings To ...


casting aluminum contact wheel

Joe Calton

part one of an evening casting aluminum, copper and brass with my boy. we cast a 9" aluminum contact wheel for one of my grinders, and some aluminum ...


Cast a Mini Aluminum Skillet - Start to Finish

I demonstrate how I cast a mini aluminum skillet using only basic tools and skills. Throughout the video, I also talk about some casting tips, like when to pour the ...


Amazing Aluminium Pulley Casting Using Sand Mold

Let's Do It

How Aluminium Pulleys are Made, Aluminium Pulley Casting Using Sand Mold Subscribe me YouTube: Follow on Facebook: ...