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Munich skyline made out of pallet wood - Pallet upcycle challenge 2016

2 years ago BillSin Workshop

Here i've made the Munich skyline out of pallet wood for the upcycle challenge 2016 by Sterling Davis. A special thanks to him for putting one more year such an ...


DIY & Crafts Munich Skyline Made out of Pallet Wood Credit

1 year ago Fan Cua Sao


Burnt Wood Design, San Fran Skyline - CNC Project 79

1 year ago Winston Moy

In the interests of not wasting an oak board I'd destroyed in my last project, I decided to make something with the burnt slats I was left with. An artistic engraving ...


Making a backlit shelf - City Skyline theme

2 years ago PollyMotion

Based on the London skyline, Paris skyline and Dubai skyline, here is how to make a LED backlit wall shelf. The lights are RGB LEDs and the colors can be ...


Make Led Pallet Wall - How to build a Pallet Wall with led ligths

In this video i'm showing you How to make an led Pallet Wall out of reclaimed wooden boards and two thin shelfs. It's an easy DIY project, that you can make ...


Pallet wood Punisher - 2017 Pallet Up Cycle Challenge

1 year ago Richard Martin

A pallet wood Punisher logo, stencil made from an image off of the interwebs and enlarged. The only non-pallet parts are the glue, brad nails, wax, and hanger.


DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall Art // Woodworking


In this video I show how I made this wall art piece out of reclaimed wood salvaged from a 100 year old barn. ======= SUBSCRIBE to my channel here: ...


DIY Reclaimed Pallet Wood LED Map - Part 2

1 year ago Montana Made

This video is a part two DIY of how to build a back lit world map using reclaimed pallet boards. This video covers how draw your design using a projector, using a ...


Make a pallet shark wall art.

1 year ago Richard Martin

With added bonus mistake, here's an easy to make piece of wall art using pallet wood. If I can make one, so can you. The mistake was when cutting out the ...


Recycled Pallet Wood Wall Art

1 year ago Piazzawoodworks

Utilising some old pine pallets for some decorative wall art Link to the brand that supports this channel Find me on ...


How To Build: Pallet Picture

2 years ago Max Rohde

Creating a picture out of old pallets.


Pallet Wood Table

1 year ago Carl Jacobson

Checkout my new video Thank you so much guys for making the ...


Decorative stool with wood pallets

2 years ago Hugo Correa

Wood pallets are a perfect place to start when we want to create with things that would be considered trash, in many occasions they are destroyed and burnt and ...

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Pallet projects

2 years ago Brian Philips



2 years ago July With Fitz

This is a shelf I made to help hide all the wires under out TV. Its made completely out of pallets. I used brass pins in the top to give it a little flare. Hope you like it!


End Grain Cutting Board! Made from Pallet wood!

1 year ago Phillips Made

This cutting board was for an awesome teacher! I made this for her because she always is able to turn class into a fun one! She loves to cook so that's why I ...

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Pallet wall

10 months ago Kathryn Kelly


How To Make A Pallet Wood Gift Box (Pallet Upcycle Challenge 2015)

3 years ago BCDesign

I made this gift box from pallet wood for Sterling Davis Pallet Upcycle Challenge 2015.It has mitred and dowelled corners and is finished in danish oil. Cryin In ...

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pallet diy

5 months ago Jiwe Moyo