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How to Make a Propane Forge for a Sword


Watch the whole sword build playlist HERE Kyle needs a new forge for his ...


How Not To Build A Propane Forge Day 9 Of The Arc Show

Adam Coon

Don't buy regulator for your propane forge it will not work.


propane forge build



Propane Forge Build part 1

Dragon Forge

I'm making another forge so I can have two separate types of forges to blacksmith with. "River Valley Breakdown" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed ...


Easiest Paint Can Propane Forge For Knife Making

Vicious Circle

This is a video showing you how to make a DIY paint can forge, similar to coffee can forges or soup can forges. I will be using this propane forge to aid in my ...


Paint Can Propane Forge Tutorial

Marian Lively

Here is a tutorial on how to make a propane forge for jewelry making out of a one quart paint can.


Tube Bending w Hydraulic Press and Propane Forge

Mr Row

Don't have a tube draw bender? But still need to make a 90 deg bend in a round pipe/tube without deformation or kinking? Watch how to bend pipe/tube using a ...


Propane Forge Redux! Part 1 - The Furnace

Wildman Tech

The folks at the Folsom Forge asked me to make a really nice propane forge for them. This week we begin with the furnace. Next week, we'll focus on the burner ...


Propane Forge build


I got inspired to finally building the propane forge I started building years ago. If you want to support the channel subscribe then head on over to patreon.


Homemade Devil-Forge Build - Propane Forge / Kiln / Furnace Gold,Silver,Copper

Never Know

In the last month or so i've been building a homemade furnace (Devil-forge).. If you was to buy one this size it would cost over $1000.. Enjoy the video.. An leave ...


Homemade propane furnace burner for Forging/Casting

Made from black iron pipe and a high volume propane regulator. I believe the air/gas mixture is off a bit because of the yellow flame but it should be ok for using ...


Homemade Propane Forge

Dave Anderson

Paint and add burners and vent and she's done.


Ribbon Burner Forge Build Part 4 (Natural Gas and Propane)

Ribbonburner This is part 4 of the ribbon burner build. So this is the second half of the first Video. I wanted to split it up as 1 hour long videos don't workout to ...


Propane Forge Build Pt 4 Final Test Fire :)

HandyGuy 2016

Finally getting to test the propane forge I built. Parts needed for the 3 burner assembly: (6) 1''x 3/4''Black Pipe bell reducers, (3) 3/4''x 12'' Black pipe threaded ...


The little propane forge - yes I still have it

Black Bear Forge

I have had a few inquiries lately about the little gas forge I made a while back. Yes, I do still have it. It doesn't get used in the day to day production work because ...




Sticking with the theme of being made from junk. An old curtain rod was used to make a telescopic stock holder for my propane forge stand. The mobile forge ...


Forced Air Propane Forge (FULL BUILD) Update

just a little update on the progress vlog style.


Building a Propane Burner for a Forge or Foundry

I cobble together some pipes to make a venturi style propane burner. Make Stuff Nation's Video: Intro features Motion Graphics ...


2nd Domino Falls of the Backyard Propane Forge, "PTF Recycling".

These propane tanks will be used to melt down aluminum cans to make lapel pins at festivals, survival sporks for the homeless and will open the doors to allow ...


Forced air propane forge build (part 1)

Benona Blacksmith

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