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making mini rockets in science class!!!! (loud bangs)

Vayden Hobson19

watch us make and launch the things that blew up Germany in WW1 and WW2 (do not try this at home)


Mini rocket's you can do at Home with only matches and tinfoil

Gam'n Bros

Hello everyone, today me and mr.awesome123 will show you how the mini rocket's lunches but in this video it will not show you how to make it. I will sometime ...


Festival velkých modelů raket 2015, Modelpark Suché, Harpoon & Herkules

Petr Pavlík

Video záznam startu a letu modelů dvoustupňových raket Harpoon a Herkules na setkání příznivců velkých raket v Modelparku Suché 27. června 2015 .


Fan Mail Unboxing Video No. 6

Hello and welcome to my 6th unboxing video. Please let me know if you get bored of watching these videos. I will never get bored of doing them as I love the ...


How to Make a Paper Gun that Shoots - (Machine Gun)


Learn how to make a machine gun that shoots paper using a trigger. WARNING-Use this weapon carefully not shoot at anyone and wear protective glasses.


Fire Art fireworks open shoot October 10 , 2015


The location is Clearfield Pennsylvania. . Are you thinking of getting an ATF license to purchase 1.3 fireworks and need my help?


|DIY| How to make a paper cannon that shoots paper ball-Very Powerfull -easy tutorial


How to make a paper cannon that shoots paper ball --WARNING-Use this weapon carefully don't shoot at anyone and wear protective glasses. Use of video ...


Rockets in Space

Fox Moulder

How rockets work in space?


Rocket Royale: iBUYPOWER Cosmic vs Dot Dot Dot


Played on 11/1 Follow Me on Twitter! Catch me live on twitch! In need of a PC or parts? Check out ...


How to make: A model rocket Very Easy!

Welcome to BA were you never know were we may go!, Are channel is all about exploring, luring about the past and keeping history alive!! Come join us ...


Dragon with Matches with Bryan

Bryan from Dragon with Matches is an Emerald Family Farms member who is known for consistently producing straight fire products from Scarlet Fire Farms.


How To Prepare and Launch A Model Rocket

Shanka DaWanka

Wedensday Night this week was the launch,


christianASMR Requests: drawing + matchbox + soft whisper


Hi friends! This is a video of some requests I received, I hope you all enjoy it. I'm also whispering :) I LOVE getting requests from you guys and I hope to get more!


How to build a Matchstick Rocking Chair Pt 1

Oregon Craft Girl

In this video I show you how to make a rocking chair from matchsticks. I'm giving you all a heads up this is a long Video. In it I show how I build one of the styles ...


Fireing rockets at summer camp part 2

Cyclops City

This is where we feature ALL of everyone's rockets.


s4 Rocket:Build Part 5 Payload Bay


Part 5: Finishing up the Payload Bay. Small Satellites for Secondary Students. s4 program is funded by NASA and put on by Sonoma State University with some ...


Flying Model Rockets #6

The assembly of Estes Hi-Flier.


Rocket Launch Compilation - Baynetna Space


A rocket launch is the takeoff phase of the flight of a rocket. Launches for orbital spaceflights, or launches into interplanetary space, are usually from a fixed ...


MBRT - rockit

nick manci

The complete Mind Body Resilience Training practice without TRE. Circuit for heat and stamina, asana for clearing, meditation for stillness.


DIY Home made strike anywhere matches


Making and waterproofing homemade strike anywhere matches.