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Rip tree out of the ground using only hand tools. No truck involved! Part 1


Part 2 found here: You can rip a tree straight up out of the ground using a come-along, some chain, and a 6x6.


Rip tree out of the ground using only hand tools. No truck involved! Part 2


Part 1 here: Part 2 of using a come-along & a 6x6 to rip a tree out of the ground without a truck. Pulling up on a ...


Rip a Tree or Stump out of the Ground with a Hi-Lift or Farm Jack and "Safe Jack" Accessories

Cookie Duster

SAFE JACK accessories(patent pending) for the Hi_Lift type jack rip a tree, scrub, bush or fence post out of the ground using the Hi-Lift or Farm Jack. The Safe ...


How to Remove Tree Stumps

This Old House

Watch the full episode: This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a homeowner dig out a ...


Tree Stump removal with 3 simple tools.

Life X4

In this video I show you how to remove a stump with 3 simple tools. The tools used: Spade, high jack lift and a reciprocating saw.


How To Remove A Tree Stump By Hand (In 20 Minutes Or Less)

How To Kill A Tree

Why do all the work to remove the tree stump down a couple feet? The only reason they used to do this in the past was so they could plow the field. I don't think ...


Pulling some tree stumps

A while ago (you can tell by the lawn not being green it was early spring) I had to pull some tree stumps. I saw someone on youtube pulling stumps this way and ...


Widdowmaker Removal With Come Along

Land to House

After a failed attempt to pull down a large widdowmaker tree I got a Come Along and cable to pull down the tree. Watch as I brave the snow to remove this ...


Felling a Huge Maple Tree with an Axe, Milling Lumber with Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill, Husqvarna

axe #tree #woods Felling a huge, dying sugar maple tree on the path to the off grid log cabin, I use an axe to cut it down and a Granberg Alaskan chainsaw mill ...




This is the easiest way l have found to remove a tree stump by hand.


Ripping trees out of the ground

austin epperson

Pulling trees up with the old mud truck.


Justin pulls a tree out of ground with bare hands....

Justin Stevens

Hey, im just a little kid having fun in a big boy body. :)


Ripping trees from the ground

Pat Pschirer

Needed some firewood.

0:00 Pulling Things Out of the Ground Using a Simple Machine or Tool


We used a fulcrum and lever to pull old cable from the ground. Take this idea and modify it with a chain to pull a bush from the ground or a fence post footing.


Jeff ripping tree out of the ground #2


Jeff ripping tree out of the ground #2.


Flying Stump

Tom Hoffmann

This video is dramatic and amusing. Enjoy. But I'm posting this as a PSA for range safety when working with systems that can store serious energy in the ...


Portable winch pulls 3 trees -

Reg Coates

I had this winch on loan for a week, runs on a 4 stroke engine and is compact, light weight and comes with lots of accessories. While it was effective at pulling the ...


Uproot Root Puller

John Gorrett

UPROOT Root and stump lifter,NO GRINDING INVOLVED! Showing three diferent lifting jobs. A multi trunk Cypress, a small pear tree which had extensive roots!


Stump Pulling By Hand, No Truck!!!


Pulling stumps by hand with a come-a-long or cable puller, no truck!


The most amazing way to remove a stump!! E16

I have had a stump in my yard since I purchased my home. I finally decided i needed to do something about it. I considered renting a stump grinder but instead ...