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New Automatic System Platform Gate in Japan !


New Automatic System Platform Gate in JR Ibaraki station (Tôkaidô West Main line).


Railway safety in Tokyo (a lesson for New York)

Tokyo Tom Baker

Tokyo and New York are two big cities where trains and subways often hurt or kill people who fall from station platforms. But safety barriers are being installed at ...


Train platform screen doors in use around the world


In the new underground rapid transit stations on the North West Rail Link, full height doors separate the platform environment from the track. This also increases ...


電車とホームの隙間が無い駅.Train, Station. No gap! Osaka/Japan 長堀鶴見緑地線・心斎橋駅 他


No Gap between the station platform and the train . Subway in Osaka/Japan. Barrier-free structure. Wheelchairs and strollers is safe. 大阪地下鉄の鶴見緑地線。


At least 16 injured after train hits barrier at Sydney railway station


A train crashed into a railway station buffer in Sydney on Monday, injuring about 16 people. It's not yet clear what caused the accident at the Richmond railway ...


Tokyo Japan gates at train podiums subway stations preventing access to tracks

These gates are at some but not all train podiums in Tokyo stations. They only open when the train stops.


Maharashtra cop saves woman from fatal accident at railway station, Watch Video | Oneindia News

Oneindia News

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a Maharashtra cop is seen saving a girl from meeting a fatal accident on Lonavala railway station. Some months ...


Kyoto Subway.

takima minetu

The platform of Kyoto Subway(Tozai-line) is covered with fences(safety barriers?). By the way,"Tozai" means "from the east to the west" in Japanese.


Amtrak Snow-mo Collision

Nick Colvin

Train moving faster than usual plus fresh snow from Stella resulted in a more spectacular arrival than expected. * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and ...


MRT train overshoots barrier

Passengers of derailed Metro Rail Transit scamper to safety. Visit us at Facebook: Twitter: ...


America surprised, Japan bothered! India runs a train in water

news delit sena

America surprised, Japan bothered! India runs a train in water.


Train derails at Mumbai's Churchgate station

Sports Store

A passenger train in the Indian city of Mumbai overshot the platform and crashed into a barrier before coming to a stop. CCTV footage was released by ...


Tokyo Japan Train Suicide Gates

Brad Stephenson

Due to the high number of suicides committed by citizens leaping onto train tracks in Tokyo (as well as other parts of Japan), drunks slipping off the platforms and ...


Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ - Reusable Engineered Guardrail for Construction

Reusable Engineered Guardrail for the Construction Industry. Installs in Minutes, Not Hours.


2010 恵比寿駅 New Platform Barriers at Ebisu Station 100511

Ebisu Station with new platform barriers half-installed. Safety is good of course, but it seems like instead of the old common-sense approach, things are getting ...


RTD train operator won't be charged in light rail crash that severed woman's leg


Prosecutors said they did not have sufficient evidence to meet the necessary statutes to charge Jeremiah Hartzel. More local videos here: ...


Cluelessness at Sydney Trains Town Hall Station during an Emergency

The firies were called in, yet no announcements on what was going on. Great Customer service when mass casualties do occur at this ancient station.


Shocking CCTV footage captures passengers leaping to safety after a speeding train derails


Shocking CCTV footage captures passengers leaping to safety after a speeding train derails Shocking CCTV footage captures passengers leaping to safety after ...


UNDERGROUND; Ticket Barrier - automatic

Thames News

UNDERGROUND; Ticket Barrier - automatic_x000D_ THAMES NEWS 25.2.88.London Regional Transport released CONSULTATIVE DOCUMENT for ...


Tokyo by Train

Come along as I ride the trains of Tokyo from first to last train! If you'd like to support our mini-documentaries, we have a Patreon account ...