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2014-08-30 - Shop Made Wood Lathe Spindle Chucks

Dan Douthart shows how he makes shop made spindle chucks with replaceable/re-usable inserts to hold small items for turning. Recorded and presented in HD ...


How to build the lathe

Matthias Wandel

How to build the lathe that I sell plans for. This re-edited to replace my initial version with how I built it in the end. This is the video to follow if you want to build a ...


Homemade lathe chuck 4claws for woodwork

Jörgen Börg

something i wanted to try for some time now. a homemade lathe chuck that DOESN'T has dangerous points sticking out. most videos i've seen have bolts ...


OLD TECHNOLOGY SERIES #1 Lathe Chuck tubalcain mrpete222


Tubalcain disassembles an antique 3-jaw chuck patented before the civil war.


the best homemade metal lathe


Here is my lathe that I made for my hobbies. i hope you guys like it. Now turning metal.


Lathe Rim Chuck - Longworth


A great way to hold a bowl or similar item by it's rim so the bottom or base can be finished. This video shows the steps for making a rim chuck for a lathe in my ...


How to Make a Faceplate & Adjustable Chuck

In this video I'm going to show you how I made these accessories for the lathe. I made a faceplate and a adjustable chuck to turn bowls. Note: The self centering ...


SNS 147 Part 2: Shop Made Tap Driver


In this video i show you how you can machine you own "tap drivers" as I like to call them. This is a simple split bushing that is used to hold the odd sized shank of ...


SANOU Lathe Chuck Install and Review "BAD"

Thought I'ed take a chance on one of these SANOU chucks. Thinking how bad could it be? Well follow along and judge for yourself. I've had mixed results with ...


Making a Wood Lathe Jam Chuck: Bowl and Plate Bases

SP Wood Art

This video is a step by step process of making a jam chuck for a wood lathe. This particular jam chuck is used for reverse chucking, or finishing the bases of ...


Simple, self-centering lathe chuck inserts

Jeff Marx

In this short project video, I make several chuck inserts that allow me to grip stock smaller than my lathe chuck's capacity. These are cut from scrap wood so save ...


DIY Wood Lathe Collet Chuck


When turning small cabinet parts on the lathe, it helps to have a way to hold them tightly. I made this collet chuck to turn knobs for kitchen cabinets. The original ...


Grinding the jaws of a lathe chuck

Nico deFrank

Reduce the play by grinding the jaws of the chuck. With thanks to Brian Davison for his good idea for the tool Using a Scintilla Scinta lathe.


DIY Metal Lathe Machine Without Using a Lathe Machine

Sek Austria

Project no.78 diy homemade mini metal lathe machine (torno) The lathe machine is good for facing bronze aluminum and alloy steel, when it comes to Mild steel ...


Truing the lathe chuck with a dremel on a South Bend lathe

Aaron Weed

This is how I trued the chuck jaws on my 9 inch South Bend lathe. I just used a cheap Dremel tool and made a homemade bracket from wood. The final result ...


How to Make a Lathe Chuck


Original lathe tutorial video: Lathe playlist: ...


PSI Woodworking Economy Lathe Chuck


After buying an affordable Harbor Freight lathe I wanted a 4 jaw chuck. A little perusing online brought up Penn State Industries with some less expensive ...


Homemade Lathe Chuck. 4-jaw Lathe Chuck for Woodturn. Woodworking

Michael Paley

How to make a 4 jaw lathe chuck using plywood Ad cogitandum et agendum homo natus est A chuck is a specialized type of clamp. It is used to hold an object ...


homemade metal/wooden lathe


Here is my lathe that I made for my hobbies. i hope you guys like it.


ZepLabs: 4 Jaw Lathe Chuck (DIY)

Zep Labs

A chuck is not a necessity, but a luxury, old woodturners would say. Forget that! Let's make one... If you like what you see feel free to subscribe.More coming up!