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Antique Rusty Cleaver Restoration

Paid two bucks at a local flea market for this old, rusty cleaver. It did not look like much and hat a lot of rust pitting on one side, the handle was ruined and had ...


Too Rusty Cleaver restoration - step by step DIY

10 months ago Andre Will Do It

I think this Cleaver was way to rusty to make it back to the kitchen. But I'm going to use it time to time on the farm :) Tools and products which one I use everyday ...


Very rusty cleaver (butcher's knife) restoration - step by step DIY

During the break between other projects, I found old cleaver/knife in the trashes/scrap-heap. Knife was very, very rusty. Some pittings were deeper than 2mm (0 ...


Old Cleaver Restoration

1 year ago Koss

Old rusty cleaver restoration which I bought at the flea market. Step by step restoration process shown in this video.



1 month ago GetGoTV

This butcher's cleaver was extremely rusted with deep pitting and a missing handle. The Cutting Edge of the blade what's uneven and chipped. The Cutting ...


Ancient Meat Cleaver Restoration

4 months ago Random Hands

I took this butcher's knife from my junkyard but i don't exactly know the name of this kind of butcher's knife anyways this old and rusty knife found me something ...


Rusted butcher's knife - Impossible Restoration

10 months ago Andre Will Do It

This Butcher's knife was way too rusty for restoration. I almost give it up ... but have look for your self. Tools and products which one I use everyday (links are ...


Rusty old German Cleaver Restoration

In this video I restore an old rusty meat cleaver that a subscriber sent in to me. I found that this took me so much longer than actually making a knife but it was a ...



6 days ago Random Hands

This sword belongs to Ancient Greek or spartan Armoury. These types of swords were built to hold them in one hand and the classic blade was generally about ...



3 months ago OLD SMITH

More than 100 years old REALLY ANCIENT BUTCHERS CLEAVER found in a junkyard near my grand father's house, i bought it and decided to restore it ...


Old Rusty Butcher Knife Restoration - (Step by Step)

Bringing an old tool to life is one of the most satisfying projects ever. Adding your own touches and planning on the go. in my case i used some trash parts like ...


rusty cleaver restoration

Hello my name is Florian I am from the netherlands and I make video's for fun, if you like the channel leave a like and subschribe.


Restoration Cleaver of old | Rusty Cleaver Restoration - Perfect Restoration

1 month ago Restoration Maker

Welcome to Restoration Maker! In this video we restored the very rustly old meat Cleaver ... If you enjoy watching and learning from quicktime restoration videos, ...


very old power planer wood - Restoration step by step

1 day ago Mr.Electricity

very old power planer wood - Restoration step by step.


Very rusty cleaver (butcher knife) restoration part 1 - Refurbishing a very cool vintage knife

1 year ago MR. NVC DIY

How to restore an old rusty knife.


Rusty Old Axe Restoration

One day i was walking through a friends shed and out of the corner of my eye i seen a Rusty Old Axe buried under some crud and i though to myself that would ...


Restoring a Rusty Forgotten Cleaver ft. Evaporust

In this video I restore a cleaver that I found lying in a puddle at an estate sale I went to and bought it for $1. I made it a new handle and gave it a very nice razor ...


Rusty Pocket Knife Restoration

3 months ago Diy Random

I was enjoy this restoration project. Its came out looking good. If you like the video, please smash that like button. Thank you for watching. Soon coming the next ...


Knifemaker Restore Antique Cleaver

Restoring an old cleaver and fitting a new handle made in my style. I found this old beauty in a thrift store, it's 36cm (14inch) overall with 23cm (9inch) long blade ...


Antique Handmade Butcher's Knife RESTORATION

3 months ago Random Hands

Hello Everyone, Today we Restored the antique butcher's knife into a good looking Dagger. I got this knife from my elder brother's junkyard i insisted him to let ...