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Tape Measure Tricks Tool Hacks

2 years ago fixitsamo

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Tape Measure Hack / Trick

Did a lot of renovations during the summer and one of the most frustrating experience was using the tape measure on a vertical wall, especially while on a ...


4 Handy Tape Measure Tricks

1 year ago Kev's Lab

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5 DIY Hacks - Tape Measure Tricks

3 years ago izzy swan

5 Hacks, tips, tricks you can do with your tape measure that will impress your friends and help you get the job done a little quicker. subscribe ...


3 HomeMade Tape Measure Hacks / Tools / Tricks .

1 year ago Holol

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4 Tape Measure Tricks

3 years ago seejanedrill

Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates some handy ways to use your tape measure. Support See Jane Drill by shopping on Amazon through our link: ...


Tape Measure Pro Tips

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Tape Measure and Pencil Tricks



Stupid Tape Measure Trick

5 years ago WorkshopAddict

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Tape Measure Tricks and Secrets. Do you know the one in the PIC?

Learn How to scribe perfectly straight lines, fast, with a tape measure & a dozen more tricks. I'll show you how to measure inside walls accurately, how to read ...


Measuring Hacks | I Can Do That!

Accuracy makes a difference in woodworking, so how you measure things – and the tools you use – can make or break a project. Learn the ins-and-outs of a ...


5 Quick Measuring Hacks - Woodworking Tips and Tricks

1 year ago WoodWorkWeb

In this video we review 5 Quick Measuring Hacks with framing squares, rulers and a tape measure. One thing that is constant in woodworking - there is LOTS of ...


Tips and Tricks Using a Tape Measure

3 years ago Gene Lonergan

Some tips and tricks for using a tape measure more efficiently.


Tape Measure Tricks Tool Hacks

1 year ago Michael Ruiz


Tape Measure Top 5 Pro Tips

3 years ago Wranglerstar

In this tape measure tutorial let's take a look at the top 5 most effective uses for a wonderful tool many will already have their toolbox. Wranglerstar book: ...


LIFE HACK / MAN SKILL! How reading a tape measure can change your life!

1 year ago Hardda Farm

Reading a tape measure is an essential life skill. It can set you up for a better future by having a skill that not everyone has. Check out this awesome life hack to ...


3 Measure Tape Tricks / Hacks steel measuring tape

1 year ago Mistry MakeTool

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Measure with a laser tape measure. Tape measure HACKS.

1 year ago Paint Life TV

Use a laser tape measure for fast acurate measurements. A simple in inexpensive electronic tape measure. 10 tools every painter needs: ...


Tape Measure Tips and Hacks

1 year ago 731 Woodworks

In this episode of 731 Shop Talk, I show you why it is important to check your tape measure before you use it on a project. These tape measure tips and hacks ...


Tips & Tricks: Tape Rule Gauge

For accurate work, you need accurate measuring tools, and that includes your tape rule. Unfortunately, the sliding tang on a tape rule—which allows for taking ...