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Two Ways To Make A Mallet - 238

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Make two solid woodworking mallets out of a rolling pin.

Rex Krueger

More videos and exclusive content: Woodworking mallets can be flimsy or too light. The good ones are expensive and ...


Darbin Orvar: Three Ways To Make a Mallet


Mallets are incredibly useful when working with wood. This video shows three different ways to create a mallet for your woodworking projects. More from Darbin ...


How to make a Wooden Mallet with Plywood - The BumbleBee Mallet

How to make a Wooden Mallet with Plywood - The BumbleBee Mallet I have wanted a wooden mallet so I can use it with my chisels and other wooden tools.


Make a wood mallet. A must-have for any woodworker.

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Building Beautiful Wooden Mallets!!! How To // Woodworking // DIY

How to build a beautiful hand made wooden mallet. Curly maple, cocobolo, rosewood. Woodworking How To. "MY FAVORITE TOOLS" ...


Making Two Mallets, Two Different Ways

Josh Millar

I needed to make two smaller mallets for fine chisel work. The two mallets that I've been using are just a little to big. I had also gotten a bunch of veritas hand ...


Make a Detail Mallet—How To Woodworking—How to Make a Wood Mallet

Blacktail Studio

Step by step process on how I make my thumb-slot woodworking mallet for fine detail work. This how to video shows how to make a basic woodworking mallet, ...


The Pallet Mallet!

Wildman Tech

Here is my first entry into the 2016 Pallet Upcycle Challenge issued by Sterling Davis. For every entry into this challenge, Sterling is donating $1 to the ...


Easy to make Wooden Mallet

Mike Fulton

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Mallet Time - DIY Woodwork Hammer

How to make a hardwood mallet for woodwork. Music: Rolemusic - Another Beek Beep Beer Please.


Board to mallet

This is a quick video showing how to take a common board and making it into a woodworking mallet.


DIY HDPE Damascus Mallet

Here is how i make the plastic mallets I used in some of my videos. There are already good tutorials here on yt about how to recycle hdpe but I got asked often ...


How to Make a Wooden Mallet the Easy Way.

Patrick Piekarski

This video shows how to make a wooden mallet using a saw, drill and some epoxy resin. It is sanded to 150 grit and then finished with mineral oil. Facebook ...


DIY Wooden Mallet

JAZ Building

Mallet was made using a similar method used by GarageWoodworks (and Steve Ramsey). Mine uses reclaimed wood flooring as the blanks, which are only ...


Dead Blow Mallet

Tim makes his own dead blow mallet using a 3/4" T-pipe fitting. The handle and mallet ends are threaded to fit into the pipe fitting. Tim shows you two ways to ...


Wooden Mallet - Part 1 of 2


Part 1 of 2 In this video I will make my first wooden mallet, To make this mallet i'm going to use my table saw, drill press, lathe and my bandsaw. And as usual ...


Woodworking Mallets


This was my first attempt at making a set of woodworking mallets from walnut, maple, and cherry. Included in the video is how I made a quick jig for cutting the ...


Making a Walnut Joiners Mallet - MakerSwap2017


This project is for the Southern Woodworkers Group Maker Swap 2017. The maker that I was creating for was Justin Uppool ...


Making Two Wooden Mallets

Dylan Strawn

How to make a pallet mallet