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Will A Soda Tab Catch Fish IRL?

Could it really be that simple? Can you actually catch a Fish with a Soda Tab? Special thanks to the people working the Tahitian Village at the PCC that ran out ...


Can a Soda Tab Catch FISH? Follow our Instagram feeds: @monster_mike86 @bryantheceo * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SPONSORS: Seamule ...


Trash To Treasure EP01 Improvising Fish Hooks

2 years ago Corporals Corner

Using Soda/Pop Can Pull Tabs To Create Fishing Hooks.


Catching Fish On A Pop Can Tab


Will SODA TAB Catch Fish IRL with CONDOM without a ROD?

Will SODA TAB Catch Fish IRL with CONDOM without a ROD? A lady showed How to catch fish by soda tab with Condom without a rod just using this technique ...



1 year ago AC02 FILMS

Hello! In this video i went fishing with my buddies and i decided to try something different on the channel! I used a make shift fishing hook from a soda can! Does ...


How to catch a fish with a soda can without a rod

This video demonstrates how to catch fish without a rod, using just a pop can, fishing line, and tackle. Visit our channel page: ...


Fish Hook From A Soda Can

3 years ago PoopingAndroid

I show how I make an improvised fish hook from a soda can or beer can tab. I have not tested this but I am confident it will work in a pinch. Simple. Easy to do.


Amazing Coca - Cola Tab Catch Fish - How to make Coca - Cola Tab Fishing

2 years ago Net Fishing Tour

This Video I want to show you How to make Coca - Cola Tab Fishing Could it really be that simple? Can you actually catch a Fish with a Coca-cola Tab?


Testing out Survival Fishing Hooks/Do They Work?

1 year ago Brendan Miller

I have always wondered if survival fishing hooks work?Today we find out! Follow me on instagram @brendansfabulousworldfishing.


Soda Can Tab Fish Hook

1 year ago Survival Life

So you forgot to pack a fishing hook in your survival kit? Put together this easy DIY Soda Can Tab Fish Hook! Check out our other awesome products!


How To Make A Fishing Hook Out Of A Soda Pop Tab

4 years ago Zebra Comet

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TGO Soda Pop Can Fishing Hook Rig!

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Amazing Coca Cola Tab Catch Fish Trap Hunting How to make Coca Cola Tab Fishing


pop tab fish hook

2 years ago RTfishing

in this video you will see me make a pop tab into a fish hook all you will need is a pop and a snipping tool then catch a fish in my next video we will catch a fish ...


How to Catch Fish with a Plastic Bottle

1 year ago Foisy

In this video I'm showing you guys one of the quickest and easiest fish / minnow traps you can make! All you really need is a plastic bottle and some bait. This is ...


Can I catch a fish with a bottle?

In this video, we go to our local creek and try to catch fish with a soda bottle! Enjoy!


How to make soda tab hook

have you ever had to many soda tabs laying around the house why not making it into a fishing hook?


Soda Pop Can Survival Fishing Lure

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CRAZIEST Fishing Rod EVER!! Hilarious Fishing Challenge! (Surprising!)

1 year ago SawGrassBassin

This HAS to be the Strangest Fishing Rod Ever! A Vintage Coca Cola Fishing Rod and Reel, sent to me by a fellow YouTuber. Fishing GrubbZ challenged me to ...