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Turning a bracelet with Fool4peppers


Turning a wood bracelet with Easy Wood Tools.


How to Turn a Simple Bracelet


"A Turner's Gold, Wood Works and Arts" presents to you, the basic techniques to turning a simple wooden Bracelet.


Woodturning - bracelet

Turning a bracelet from padauk,maple and walnut. Etsy shop ...


Wood turning Bracelets

Hendrik van Taak

Description: How to turn many bracelets in a safe way.


Woodturning Wood Bracelet / Wood Texturing / Wood Dying

Carl Jacobson

Checkout my new video Don from Chroma Craft sent me some wood ...


Turn a woman's bracelet with Penn State Industries

In this woodturning video you will learn how to turn a womans bracelet, sometimes referred to as a Bauble. This lathe project is quick, easy and fun - you will use ...


WoodTurning Bracelet

Visit my blog:


Making Wooden Bracelets

Cammie's Garage

I made a bunch of wooden bracelets to sell at an upcoming art event. I used mostly oak and walnut, plus one piece of cedar. They are finished with wipe-on ...


How To Make a wooden bracelet

Lazy watchsmith

I wanted to try my new laser toy with a project. So I made a mold with my 3d-printer and glued some wood together. i hope you enjoy. This was inspired by: ...


Easy Bracelet Chuck for Woodturning

As Wood Turns In my last video I turned a segmented bracelet using my new home made bracelet chuck. It is an expansion chuck using basic ...


Bangle bowl for Sofia

Ths is my contribution to the Bangle Bowl 2014 (, a segmented bangle made with olive-tree, terebinth, ...


How To Make A Blue Jean Bracelet

Peter Brown

A bracelet turned from a recycled part of old blue jeans. These jeans of mine had seen better days, but with a little epoxy and a quick turn on the lathe, I turn them ...


Turning a Comfort Ring Core (Woodturning Project)

We'll show you how to turn a wooden ring kit on your lathe. Shop Rings: ...


Segmented Bracelet Made From 200 Pieces Of Wood

Kyle Toth

Its segmented bracelet is made of 200 pieces of ash, bocote and and ebony. The bracelet did end up fitting on to Hayleys wrist, the finish needed to dry a little bit ...


Naked Turner Bangle From White Oak Segments

Erik Anderson

I turn a Bangle out of Whit Oak for a friend that wants to make it into a medical alert bracelet.


Woodturning-The Exothermic epoxy 11 wood spiral vase( FAIL )

Andy Phillip

As the title says things didn't go according to plan on this piece , I had a major resin fail !! Moisture condensed inside I think from the heat of the resin curing and ...


How to turn Wood Bangle on mini lathe

Gabe Castro

Spalted Maple Bangle made on mini lathe using only 1/8 inch parting tool and 4 jaw chuck. Click link to buy 4 Jaw Chuck System: Click ...


turning bangle bracelet


Turning mahogany bracelet using the EWT and 2 5/8 multi spur bit. Working on late fall Susquehanna SM trip, hope to have up soon. Comments and subscribers ...


# 331 Bracelet

Eddie Castelin

A couple of basic tips and hints on tools for making bracelets, go for the points.




how to make a wooden bracelet of huon pine and wenge.