AngularJS: Developing Custom Services (factory vs service vs Provider)

28 Dec 2015 | about 4 years ago

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UPDATE: Around 44:00, it was mentioned about async callback functions. Callback functions are never async by default. They are always sync. However, they become async once they are executed as part of some other async function (especially in this case, it would be $http).

-What are AngularJS Services

-What are AngularJS Custom Services

-Where do we write business logic in AngularJS

-How to develop Angular JS Custom Services

-How to use "factory" to develop Angular Custom Service

-How to use "service" to develop Angular Custom Service

-How to use "provider" to develop Angular Custom Service

-AngularJS Custom Service - Factory vs Service vs Provider

-How to provide configuration information to Angular Custom Service using "provider"

-How to consume Angular JS Custom Services in Controllers

-How to do AJAX as part of Angular JS Custom Services

-How to consume NodeJS REST service using Angular JS Custom Service

-How to use $log and $http as part of Custom Services

-How to develop aync code (using callback functions)

-How to update $scope from Angular JS Custom Services

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