Are SEO Backlinks From Article Directories Bad For Google Search Rankings?

21 Jul 2017 | about 2 years ago

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People often ask me: "Neil, are backlinks from article directories good or bad for higher Google search rankings?".
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The short answer is: NO

There are so many article directories out there, you can literally find one on every topic out there. They are so easy to get that search engines know this and they put little to no weight on these links.

As for directory sites that sell links, they aren't a good fit because it is buying links. Search engine frown upon this.

As for writing articles and submitting them to directories, this also doesn't work well. It used to in the past, but these sites have little to no authority and the content quality on their directory sites are so bad that they don't even rank well on Google.

Now if you happen to find a directory that is related to your niche, is popular and can drive you customers, then by all means try and get links from them.

Build these links only if it can drive customers and not to manipulate Google search. I also recommend that you nofollow any links from directories or article directory sites.

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