Diving paradise Palau: Livelihoods in Peril | Climate change special

14 Sep 2019 | about 2 months ago

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Palau, a tiny island in the Pacific, is a diver's bucket list destination with paradise-style waters and greenery. But climate change could eventually make large parts of it swallowed by the sea.

“Nobody looks at the people. If you go around the island, you’ll see how their lives are actually affected. And it affects people who can’t afford to live elsewhere.”

WATCH the first part of our series here: http://uvideoplay.com/video/_Qlo1bmNjdV9mbkE.html

Palau may look like paradise, but its people are already grappling with frequent floods brought on by rising sea levels. Read about their plight: https://cna.asia/300peGv

As fish and coral disappear, Palau faces the economic realities of climate change: https://cna.asia/2UW9Vsr

What can the rest of the world do? Palau's president is calling on the global community to take urgent action before it is too late for his country and others: https://cna.asia/2ZZSv44

Read more about how the Netherlands has adapted to rising sea levels: http://cna.asia/climate-change-special

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