How to Repair Leather Tears in Your Lexus

15 Sep 2015 | about 3 years ago

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Replacing a seat cover just to take care of a small tear is a needless expense. While some things like perforated inserts are probably better replaced, small tears or holes can be fixed at home. Learn how to fix leather tears in your Lexus without coming apart at the seams.

This moderately difficult job takes thirty to sixty minutes and costs $50 dollars to complete, which is half as expensive as taking it to a professional.

For this repair job, you’ll need small scissors or a sharp hobby knife, tweezers, a popsicle stick or tongue depressor, a small spatula, a heat gun or hair dryer, a leather repair kit, backing material, and leather conditioner.

Step One - Clean up the edges

Using your small scissors or hobby knife, trim the fuzz off edges of tear.

Step Two - Cut backing material to size

Transfer the length/shape of tear onto the backing material. Cut the backing a minimum of one inch from sides and end of the tear.

Step Three - Place backing material under the tear and glue

Place backing material under the tear and position it to fit. Use a small brush to apply glue to the backer through the tear. Allow the glue to get tacky, then apply pressure while the glue sets.

Step Four - Apply first layer of filler

Mix up the filler included in the repair kit. Use a popsicle stick, or tongue depressor to apply a thin layer and let dry. Apply filler to the tear, then spread out with the spatula.

Step Five - Build up and level out repair

Apply filler in layers to fill tear until it is level with the leather. Cure the filler by blasting it with a heat gun or hair dryer set on low.

Step Six - Dye repaired area

Mix the dyes in the repair kit to match the leather color of your Lexus. Apply dye using very light coats until the repair is blended. Repair kits contain colors that can be mixed in with filler. Some leather repair kits offer a premixed colored filler that can be smoothed out and sanded down to level it with the upholstery. Others, like those from SEM, can simply be sprayed on.

Step Seven - Condition and blend-in repair

After the dye has dried, set the heat gun on high-heat and warm up the repair area to draw out oils in the leather. Apply conditioner to seat skin, starting at the repair and working outward, to blend in repair.

Step Eight - Additional Care and Maintenance

Periodically check the repaired area for separating, and repeat this process as necessary. Make sure to clean and condition the leather regularly.


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